Working in your business instead of ON your business?

Outsource your administrative work to our Virtual Agents (a.k.a. virtual assistant, VA or remote office worker). If you're looking for work to be done overnight or after hours, or you don't have a personal assistant, executive assistant or secretary available to help, we can provide you with numerous services to make your life so much easier. We're here to enable you to focus on what you do best

Wherever you are located, in New Zealand or anywhere in the world, we aim to provide exceptional virtual agent / virtual assistant services, from transription of digital dictation, file conversions, document formatting and design, event management, data collection, data management and/or manipulation, and so much more. Check out our Executive Virtual Agent ServicesSecretarial Virtual Agent Services and Specialist Virtual Agent Services for more detail.

We have over 15 years industry administrative experience within the law, accounting and IT industries. We guarantee 100% confidentiality and total discretion and are happy to enter into a confidentiality agreement and/or non-disclosure agreement with you to ensure peace of mind.

Whether you are a not for profit organisation, in business or an individual needing assistance, we aim to cater for all at affordable rates. For those needing a Virtual Agent on a more regular basis, we welcome you to consider our Virtual Agent Retainer Package.